BAJ Collection

Black Worked Abaya   Black Floral Handworked Abaya Black Straight Line Handworked Abaya   Black Lace Abaya   Sky Blue Bisht With Beaded Pockets   Blue Hand-worked Abaya   White Hand-worked Abaya   Blue Straight Hand-worked Bisht Floral Netted Bisht Layered Sleeved Abaya   Peach Straight Hand-worked Abaya Peach Zig Zag Hand-worked Abaya Peach Straight

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Abaya Collection

Abayas from multiple collections are added here so you have one point of reference to all our Abaya designs. Designs from this collection are frequently restocked due to popular demand. Please contact us if your favorite design is out of stock and we will let you know when it will be available.   Aaliyah Cream

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