Our Story

“Different types of clothing can fit the modest definition…. then why do most of them look the same?”

That’s the question that started it all and is what drove the founder, and current Creative Director of Emaan Qirat to design her own clothes. The desire to dress modestly but differently was the inspiration in creating the brand Emaan Qirat. The name Emaan is derived from the Arabic word Imaan (إيمان‎) which denotes certitude or adherence, while Qirat (قيرات) is feminine name meaning “Beautiful Recitation”.

Our aim is to bring you something different but still keeping to modest principals. A dress that will help you stand different. We are always open for ideas too! Some of our designs have come from inspiration rather than pure innovation.

We also try to do our bit to give back. Some of our material manufacturers practice their trade as an art form passed down from generations. Unfortunately, not all of them can compete in a market supplied by modernized manufacturing. We recognize and celebrate these skills and incorporate these in to our designs whenever possible. Some of our designs are made from materials that are hand woven and/or hand dyed. Elements of our designs are hand stitched by skilled tailors.

Together, our staff, artisans, craftsmen/women come together to create the Emaan Qirat Family. Now you can join us to.


Welcome… to the Emaan Qirat Family!

“If there is one thing we can promise, its that we will be different”

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